Eligibility criteria are an important aspect of information about debt consolidation loan programs. Explore the various factors that lenders consider when performing underwriting before you apply.

If you know what questions lenders may ask, you can provide documentation that is more complete and improve your chances for an approval.


Personal loans can help borrowers consolidate high-interest debt into a more affordable, lower monthly payment, and stabilize finances – if you can find a lender willing to approve your application.

People with bad credit find options very limited. Investors shy away from lending money to candidates with poor qualifications, and difficult demands.


Many consumers consider applying for an unsecured personal loan online to consolidate deferred deposit transactions. Doing so may lower projected annual interest rates, and temporarily relieve payment pressures from these expensive short-term contracts.

Be careful! You are trading one problem for another.


Debt consolidation is one of the most common uses of personal loans. Consumers complete an online application and hope the lender approves the application, and the extra cash can retire expensive debts, and provide more time to make payments.

Consumers are wary of scams. Does the government provide a stamp of approval to ease your fears?