LASIK eye surgery is a common procedure requiring creative medical financing solutions. Most insurance plans classify the treatment as elective or cosmetic and do not pay benefits.

Your employer’s flexible spending account may be the ideal way to pay for this procedure, as it is a qualifying expense. Time the surgery to coincide with your new plan year.


Medical financing solutions are most limited for patients seeking funds for breast enhancement surgery when they have a bad credit history, no credit, or when they are unemployed.

Options improve for patients needing to reduce their chest measurements because of medical reasons such as neck and back pain.


Many health insurance plans will not cover weight loss surgery that they deem as an elective medical procedure.

You may need to pay for the procedure out-of-pocket, and may not have the funding on hand. Several financing options allow you to undergo the procedure right away.

Be sure to protect your finances before signing on the dotted line.


Most health insurance programs will not cover the costs of cosmetic surgery. They do cover reconstructive plastic surgery after an accident, mastectomy, etc.

Most patients must pay for the procedure out-of-pocket. Find several creative alternatives to traditional finance companies. You may save a bundle.


Not every form of medical debt results from an unexpected bill for out-of-network charges, or a large insurance deductible. Many health insurance programs do not cover elective medical procedures at all.

Consumers often have to pay for these procedures out-of-pocket. However, they may not have sufficient resources to pay up front. People with bad payment histories may have at least one option.